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Daddy Peet Expresso #76: Et voilà!

Radio Moka and its bi-weekly special program, Daddy Peet Expresso, were conceived in Singapore during a fortuitous meeting between two university exchange students from Paris and an expatriate American lecturer. The three were lounging beneath a hot tropical sun beside the Goodluck Garden Condo pool in the leafy Singapore enclave of Bukit Timah.  What drew their conversation together – so many miles from their homelands – was a mutual love of music.

From that meeting of minds in 2010 until Radio Moka was set up nearly a year later, the thought of an Internet-based radio station that would play a vast range of world musics was merely a wildly glorious dream. Yet, when the French couple returned to Paris, the dream was cast from drawing board into reality. Since that time, Radio Moka has broadcast music in a crazy variety of genres across this interconnected planet, 24/7. The overall aim of the station has always been to give airtime to extraordinary music of every sort found in our global village.

Much of the music showcased on Moka as well as that from the Daddy Peet Expresso program has not been covered on commercial-based radio. The station itself has also tried to avoid commercialisation. Unfortunately, in this era of high copyright and programming costs, with such a format, existence can be precarious.

It is for that reason that Radio Moka, and by default, Daddy Peet Expresso, will end programming in the last week of April, 2014. We hope, however, that with this set of excellent tunes, culled from the works of broadly renowned artists such as Salif Keita, Bebel Gilberto, Dhafer Youssef, and Angelique Kidjo, in addition to songs from lesser known but masterful groups such as Monsieur Doumani, Mop Mop and Eon Ra, our listeners will be reminded that great music is forever flowering.

And so, as Ali Farka Toure, the late maestro of Malian blues, says in the final breath of Kaja Djula (his last recorded masterpiece), “et voilà.”

We hope you enjoy!


1. Shantel & Mahala Rai Banda – Iest Sexy / Electric Gypsyland (2004)

2. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino – Aremu an me _Gapa_/ Pizzita Indiavolata (2013)

3. Monsieur Doumani – The System / Grippy Grappa (2013)

4. Peret – La Fama No Me Camiará / Que Levante El Dedo (2007)

5. Bebel Gilberto – Bananeira / Tanto Tempo (2000)

6. Mop Mop – Jazzdancer / Ritual of the Savage (2010)

7. Suba – Um Dia Comun (Em SP) / Sao Paulo Confessions (1999)

8. Clecia Queiroz – Pimenteira / Brazilian Music from Bahia (2011)

9. Angélique Kidjo Feat. Dr John – Kulumbu / Eve (2014)

10. Nitin Sawhney – Bring It Home (featuring Imogen Heap) / London Undersound (2008)

11. Eon Ra – Elephant March / Path of Ganesa (2014)

12. Belonoga – A Wedding At The Camel Caravan / Through The Eyes of the Sun (2013)

13. Bustan Abraham – Wallah / Pictures Through the Painted Window (1994)

14. Dhafer Youssef – Fuga Hirundinum / Birds Requiem (2013)

15. Dhafer Youssef – Ay Hôra / Digital Prophecy (2003)

16. Salif Keita – Tu Vas Me Manquer / M’Bemba (2012)

17. Sidi Touré – Ay Hora / Alafia (2013)

18. Ry Cooder & Ali Farka Touré – Lasidan / Talking Timbuktu (1994)

19. Vieux Farka Touré – Yer Gando / Mon Pays (2013)

20. Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté – Kaja Djula / Ali & Toumani (2010)

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